2012 AAIM Angel Award

Presented to Alan Krashesky

The Angel of AAIM Award is given to someone who has made exceptional contributions to the work of AAIM.

In all areas of business and organizations, there are always some people who do much of the work without getting much of the credit. We all know they are the glue that holds us together, the organizer that helps us get where we want to go, the historian who reminds us of the battles fought in previous years and even many years ago, they provide the memory that reminds us of the issues not yet resolved, they are the ones who continue the fight despite many, many set backs.

They are also the ones who most often stay in the background, they are the ones who oversee all the papers and reports and staff required for our success, the ones who nominate others for awards, the ones who choose others as spokespersons.

They are the ones without whom other traffic safety enthusiasts and leaders would surely struggle even more. They are the ones who are most essential to our work.

Past Angel of AAIM Award Recipients

Charlene Chapman 2009 and
Pat Larson 2010