National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.

The National Commission Against Drunk Driving presented AAIM with their Commendation Award for Citizen Activist for our Annual DUI Police Survey. The Citizen Activist award is given to individuals or community organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding effort to change public attitudes and behavior in the campaign to reduce the tragedies that result from impaired driving.

This survey is sent to municipality law enforcement, state police, and county sheriffs seeking the number of drunk drivers arrested for a given year and their top cops.

AAIM’s DUI Arrest Survey effectively demonstrates its effort to make DUI enforcement a high priority on the traffic safety agendas of chiefs of police, county sheriffs and local government officials throughout the state of Illinois. By publicly recognizing the proven commitment and achievement of the top departments and individual officers in the fight against impaired driving, AAIM not only rewards those currently doing a good job but inspires others to increase their efforts as well.

Also, the survey provides a valuable service by encouraging citizens to compare the DUI enforcement record of their local police department with that of other communities. As a result, public pressure can be applied, where needed, to make DUI enforcement a priority.