The Bobby Cann Story

The Bobby Cann Tribute
January 21, 1987 – May 29, 2013

Dear Bobby,

On a beautiful spring day almost exactly two months before you were killed, you mused about the possibility that multiple, similar realities existed alongside ours. You wondered if they were all distinguished not by earthshaking differences but by subtle variations, such as you'd happened to stay late at work or had decided to commute by bike.

Is there a world in which the drunk driver passed through long before you reached that intersection? Is there a world in which 6:35 PM on Wednesday, May 29 passed unremarkably, as most other minutes do?

If there is, you could've seen your brother graduate from college and be accepted into a post-graduate program. You could've comforted your mother when one of your dogs died. You could still fly down so many more bike paths, the sun hot and the shade cool on your skin. You could still go on all the trips you had planned, you could still eventually raise wild, sweet, thoughtful children. Is there a world in which you are given more time to grow, to love, to explore?

How far away are you now?

With all our love,
Your devoted family and friends
We think of you every day


To learn more about Bobby and cycling safety, please visit or visit the Ride On Bobby Facebook page.

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