The Leeslyee Huerta Story

The Leeslyee Huerta Tribute

It’s been seven years and seven months since the crash that left me paralyzed for the rest of my life, with a colostomy and many other health problems. Every year that passes seems to get harder, when it comes to my health. My legs are getting stiff, my hands and arms are weaker and my back is always hurting. Not only do I have health issues on a daily basis, but I have to deal with my medical insurance that won’t cover all my medical needs. I have been asking my insurance for a new wheelchair, but they say it isn’t covered by my policy. They would rather fix my wheelchair part by part. This becomes difficult at times, because they can’t always find the right parts I have asked my doctor to have an MRI of my brain, because I have been having a strong pain in my head for years. This symptom has been occurring since the crash, but I’m told they won't cover the procedure! I may try to move to an apartment with my fiancé and daughter, but finding one that could accommodate my wheelchair is so expensive and hard to find! It is very stressful for me to go through all this each day of my life. I try to be strong, but there are moments when I just feel I can't go on anymore!

My life is now full of stress, depression and pain. I thank God I have a family, fiancé and my beautiful daughter that give me the strength I need every day! My fiancé and I have so many plans of what we want to do to achieve a better future, but all the struggles I go through make it so hard to accomplish.

My daughter is now four years old. She goes to preschool and loves it. Now that she is growing up, she has started asking me, “Mommy why is it that my friend's mother is walking and you are not? What happened to you? I know that one day you are going to walk; then Daddy, you and I will hold hands while we walk together." Those questions break my heart. Sometimes, I don't have an answer for all her questions. I speak at victim impact panels for AAIM, to people who have received a DUI. I do it with a lot of love. Speaking to people that have gotten a DUI, I tell them about how my life has changed since the crash. It makes me relive all the pain, but it also makes me feel good. I know we are trying to save lives. I really hope that one day, all of our goals and dreams come true; that we can have a better life. It's sad knowing that this crash only keeps making my life harder each day!

My life will never be normal. All this was caused by the irresponsibility of someone who decided to drink and drive! That person changed my life forever.

Leeslyee Huerta

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