1999 Sheila Forsner Award Presented to Twyla Blakely

In 1991 Pat Larson enlisted the aid of her dear friend Twyla to help with starting a fundraiser to assist victims who were in terrible financial need. Twyla worked tirelessly on helping to organize the event, selling ads, gathering volunteers from her colleagues at United Airlines, and donating many hours of her time and also donating financially to help make this first event a success. And, she still continues with these activities.

Twyla chaired the 1993 Fashion Show and through her efforts AAIM gained more credibility and recognition. She has worked on every event and unselfishly given of herself to our cause. Her compassion towards the victims and her belief that DUI is a serious crime has driven her to help AAIM make this benefit a tremendous success. She has even recruited her good friend, Tony Castellano, to sell ads and solicit donations to AAIM.

Twyla has given so much of herself to this endeavor. In spite of her own difficulties, she has dedicated her time, energy, and money to help those less fortunate than herself. AAIM salutes this extraordinary woman for her compassion, kindness, and generosity.

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