2007 Sheila Forsner Award Presented to Rita Kreslin

Rita's 19-year old son, John, was killed by a drunk driver on August 30, 2002. Representing AAIM, Rita has spoken out about the dangers of drinking and driving at high schools, victim impact panels, press conferences and public forums. Rita is totally dedicated to prevention by advocating on behalf of AAIM. She delivers a powerful message to the community in order to raise awareness of the tragedy that results from impaired driving. Her commitment and belief that DUI is a serious crime has driven Rita to devote her time and energy to this cause.

Rita spends countless hours volunteering her time assembling and creating the victim picture CD shown at the Benefit, victim impact panels and high schools. She also serves on the Benefit Committee and has taken on many responsibilities the day of the event. Her time and efforts have helped make our Benefit the great success that it is.

Rita lives in Schaumburg with her husband John and their son Kevin, who is now a college student. Rita Kreslin's continuous support and life-saving efforts make her a worthy recipient of this Award. AAIM salutes this wonderful woman.

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