2003 Sheila Forsner Award Presented to Dave Perozzi

On July 26, 1998, a drunk driver killed Daren Perozzi. Two short months before, Daren graduated from the University of Illinois and was ready to attend medical school, fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

Daren's parents, Dave and Carol Perozzi, became involved with AAIM when they were devastated and needed someone to turn to. They attended AAIM’s victim support group and eventually became the facilitators. Dave speaks at victim impact panels and at school presentations. He will go anywhere AAIM needs him to speak about the loss of his son.

Dave has served on the benefit committee and has raised funds by selling ads and seeking donations to help victims of drunk driving who are financially devastated. This year Dave has volunteered his time to chair the benefit committee. He wants to give back for what AAIM has done for him. He also wants to help other families that are going through what his did. But most of all, he wants to help prevent other families from ever having to go through his pain.

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