2008 Sheila Forsner Award Presented to Chet Stanley

Chet's 23-year old daughter, Theresa (Peanut), and her boyfriend, David Brown, were killed by a drunk driver on March 3, 2001. Chet has represented AAIM at community events, schools and in the media speaking about the dangers of drinking and driving. Chet is totally dedicated to prevention by volunteering on behalf of AAIM. He believes that a powerful message should be given to the community in order to raise awareness of the tragedy that results from impaired driving. His commitment and belief that DUI is a serious crime has driven Chet to devote his time and energy to this cause.

Chet spends countless hours volunteering his time serving as Treasurer to the organization. He prepares the budget, pays bills and does the taxes. Chet is always willing to sacrifice his time to help around the AAIM office as all-around handyman and mover. For eight years, Chet and his wife Cathy have organized a fundraiser, Peanuts Walk for Life that has raised funds for needy victims.

Chet Stanley’s continuous support and life-saving efforts make him a worthy recipient of this Award. AAIM salutes this wonderful man.

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