Offender Stories

Ernie S.

Very Remorseful

Hello advocates for Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists. Please accept my apologies for the loss of your family loved one(s)! There is not one day that I do not think about the loss I created of a child to his parents, sibling, six children, and significant other. It hurts me even more than the death of my own father who passed just a few months previous to this fatal crash. Please know that I continuously pray and ask God to console everyone's family involved in a DUI collision and give me the opportunity to work with different communities and state based agencies to eliminate drunk driving. I beg of you to please accept my apologies!

On July 13, 2002, I chose to drive under the influence of alcohol with a BAC .09 - .10. Never did I imagine, that having a few drinks would end the life of a fellow brother. On that tragic day, I turned my vehicle around and returned to the scene of the crash to help the victim. I tried very passionately to see if he was ok, but unfortunately, I was stopped and brutally assaulted by a large mob of angry pedestrians. I can't tell you how angry I am at myself for being a participant in this fatality and especially for not being able to help the victim. I was also dismayed that my mother arrived at the scene of the crash, threw herself on top of me, and saved my life.

The pain of this crash was so agonizing that the blood I carried on my hands eradicated my means of self-control and comfort, curtailed my sound mind and peace, and restrained my fellowship with God and others. I was ashamed to call myself a Christian and truly disappointed that death occurred on my watch. These feelings still resonate in my spirit today. How could I call myself anything but a murderer? Why wasn't I dead instead?

I realize that this letter may seem a little bit impersonal, but I want nothing more than to reconcile with the victim's family and the community abroad to do away with drinking and driving habits! I know I can only achieve this by God's grace and mercy and your help. Please help me to promote life, not death and put an end to driving under the influence of alcohol. I will never be a participant of this deadly behavior again!

Thank you for listening to my story and God Bless You!


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