Offender Stories

Jason C.

Rock Bottom can be described as the lowest possible point in ones life. This time of misery can be brought about by many factors, some of which we have control over, some we don't. It can be caused by the death of a loved one, loss of a job or breaking up with your significant other. Have you hit yours? I believe that sitting in a dark, grim cell and Cook County Jail was the beginning of mine.

Unfortunately, my rock bottom was self imposed by decisions which I made. Too many people make these same decisions on a daily basis. I, being a Police Officer with a College education, should have made a better decision.

I did not.

I am now serving eight and a half years in prison while living with the fact that my actions prematurely ended two lives while forcing my family and friends to live this pain with me. Most of you reading this will probably live a productive, fulfilling life. I just want you to know how easily everything can become derailed. Some of you may already be in some trouble, either way, it is not too late to do things right.

You don't have to spend nearly a decade of your life in prison away from your family and friends. You don't have to miss Weddings, Graduations and major events in your loved ones lives. You don't have to have your life turned upside down with guilt and regret. You can have a happy, fulfilling life or you can live in Rock Bottom.

You decide.

Jason C.

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