Offender Stories

Josh L.

I met my friend Cameron in the 6th grade. We had English class together with Mr. Patrick at Wredling Middle school. However we didnít start hanging out until high school. It was around sophomore year in high school when we started spending more time on a regular basis. We had all the same friends and had many similar interests which made us get along great. We often went dirt biking, played frisbee golf, played basketball, pick-up football games, and partied. The group of friends we hung out with was not known as the preppy type or the type to get involved with drama. All our friends were really cool and laid back which made it easy for all of us to get along. When weekends came around we usually always met up at someoneís house and just hung out. I usually had work and hockey so it wasnít so easy for me to come around all the time but every chance I got I would hang out with those friends.

By the time senior year came around we all had matured so much since we first met. We spent all of high school together and had developed life long relationships. Approaching graduation the parties became more frequent and the drinking began to pick up. Everyone was so excited to graduate, school was basically done and we were all taking advantage of the little time that we had left at high school. On June 7th we had all graduated from St. Charles East High and official began the new chapter in our lives. It was sad seeing everyone at graduation knowing we had one last summer before we left for college. June 14th, 2009 all our lives were changed forever. From what I was told, Cameron was having a party at his house. Everyone was drinking heavily when someone asked me to pick up an old friend of mine. I wanted to be the nice guy so I decided I would. At that point I was very drunk and was clearly not capable of driving. Cameron left his house to come along for the ride which was a pretty unusual thing for him to do considering we were all at his house. Once we had picked up my friend, we started heading back to the party at Camís not knowing we were never going to make it back. Later down the rode I began to speed, lost control of the vehicle, and smashed into a tree.

I woke up the next morning in a hospital bed surrounded by my family and some friends. It wasnít until later that night my parents told me what had happen. They explained how I was involved in a crash where two passengers were injured and one had died. My friend Cam was the one that had passed away. God bless his soul he was a great man, was loved by many, and will never be forgotten.

My life has flipped completely upside down since then. I no longer feel accepted by any of my friends from high school. I have many issues regarding court and such which has makes life very stressful for a 19 year old. Everyday I wish I could go back in time and change what I did and make it so Cam was still here. I will never forget what I have done and will remember Cameron for the rest of my life. I love you Cam R.I.P.

Josh L.

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