Victim Assistance Fund

Funding is available to current clients of AAIM who are suffering financial difficulties.

An innocent driver can become a victim of a drunk driving crash in a matter of seconds. In 2012, 335 people were killed in Illinois, thousands profoundly injured and many left financially devastated due to drunk driving. As a result, the Victim Assistance Fund was founded in 1990. Victims of these crashes are usually left to deal with multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation, if they are luck enough to survive.

Bills from doctors, emergency crews, hospitals, medical equipment and household necessities all pile up. It could wipe out a family financially. Most times the drunk driver has little or no insurance. Amazingly enough, the drunk driver themselves many times have only minor injures. Unfortunately, the victims are not so lucky. Victims suffer from broken hearts, broken bodies, broken spirits, and they're sometimes just plain broke because of the irresponsible actions of an uninsured drunk driver.

We help families through the tough times that come as a result of this tragedy. Our funding has been distributed to families who were on the brink of losing their homes, and to a young man who is permanently disabled and needed medical equipment. When another disabled man needed his prescription filled, we were there. We purchased a cemetery plot for one victim and a headstone for another. Groceries, clothing, and the necessities of life are other ways that we assist families in their time of need.