Andrew Cazares

Andrew Cazares was the most intelligent, stylistic, artistic, easy going, person I've ever been around. He always seemed so eager to learn about everything he could. He would pick up hobbies weekly and try to master them in days. He was never content, as his imagination was always running wild. He had a great attachment to people, as he would just listen to them speak and enhance every word they said, and then a week later he was their best friend. I miss the conversations we had whenever I was upset or feeling down. He had this natural ability to make light of the situation and put a smile on my face. Andrew was the type to work in a place and right away he would become the center of attention. His charisma, or “swag”, as he would say, would just draw people to him. Women loved him for his personality and calm demeanor and whenever he was out, he seemed so happy. Andrew loved his family with all of his heart, especially his mother and sister. He always wanted to do the best he could for them, and he always just wanted them to be happy. When I say family I mean friends to anyone that was a part of Andrew’s life. Family, and all his friends, myself included, loved him. Now that Andrew is gone, I think all the people that were in his life feel a sense of obligation to him. Speaking for myself, I know a lot in my life was affected by his passing, and I try my hardest to dedicate each day to his memory. I try to live my life as I feel he would want me to. In closing, I would just like to say that Andrew Cazares was a great man, and his passing was too early. He could have been so much and done so much more with his life, and now we will never know how special he could've been. We will honor his memory everyday and try to make every one of his dreams a reality, so that when we see him again, he can be proud of the people we turned out to be. Then he will know that his death made a difference in the lives of the people he left behind.

Lorena Buenrostro
Mother of Andrew Cazares

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