Ayesha Judkins

The Ayesha Yaphia Judkins Story

To my Beautiful daughter Ayesha, I miss you more than words can explain. First I would like to share with you something about my daughter and only child and my best friend. Ayesha was a little angel. I often called her my little Valentine, because she was born on February 14, 1983. My life changed when she came into this world. She was the youngest of her dad's four children. Ayesha was full of life, she had a smile that would light up the world. She grew up on the west side of Chicago and attended school on the west side where she graduated from Westinghouse with honors. We were so proud of her.

I remember when she was accepted at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. She was so proud. She always was a writer. She majored in Journalism and became a writer for the school newspaper, The Daily Egyptian. She became Vice President of the National Association of Black Journalists. She was 20 years old when she was killed by a drunk driver going 80 mph in a 35 mph speed zone.

She was home for the Christmas holidays and went to a sorority step show and party. They had just dropped off a friend and while waiting for the light to change, a man 24 years old came from nowhere and slammed into them while they were sitting still. He was driving a large SUV and they were in a smaller car. My daughter was a passenger and the SUV slammed into the car where Ayesha was sitting and killed her instantly.

My life changed forever. Ayesha was a junior at SIU and had a bright future. My life has not been the same. All of my hard work to raise a respectable young lady was gone in a second. My life will never be the same. I loved Ayesha with all of my heart, so part of my heart is gone. I would not want anyone to go through what I and other victims have gone through. This is something that can never be replaced, a loved one who was taken away from us because someone chose to drink and drive. I have to live the rest of my life wondering what Ayesha would be doing now and how beautiful her children, my grandchildren would have been.

I love you Ayesha and you are my little angel above.

Love until I see you again, your mother,

Debbie McKinzie

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