Billy Crowley

What Heroes Are Made Of!

During the September 11th tragedy, our country saw first hand what true heroes are made of. Countless people gave their time, energy, heart and soul to help the thousands of people who were affected. We feel blessed to share our life with a very special hero who teaches us every day what heroes are made of...our son Bill.

Although Bill was only 2 years old in 1988 when a driver high on cocaine and alcohol killed his mother and stepfather and left him a quadri-plegic, his spirit has never faltered. He lives his life to the fullest, making the very best of every day. The selfish drunk driver may have robbed Bill of many of his physical freedoms but he will never capture his spirit. It takes much courage and integrity to live everyday with little to no personal freedom or independence. It is extremely difficult to rely on others for the most basic necessities of life, bathing, dressing, eating and even rolling over in bed. Bill has great friends and they try to include Bill whenever possible but the physical constraints are often a major hassle. Through all these trials and tribulations Bill continues to smile and makes the best of whatever situation he encounters.

Bill spends many hours a week just to keep his body from deteriorating. Not to mention the numerous days and hours it takes to keep his equipment and medical needs in check. But through it all, Bill keeps his sense of humor and makes every effort to keep a positive attitude. This year Bill is facing many hurdles...braces on his teeth, the removal of his tracheotomy, learning to drive, looking at colleges. For most teens many of these activities are exciting but for Bill, they are often extremely complicated, painful and scary.

Our son Bill shows us everyday what real heroes are made of. He is an extremely fine young man and continues to encourage those he comes in contact with to remember his simple message....Please don't drink and drive!! May God give us the courage to make wise decisions!

Bill, Patty and Bill Crowley

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