Candace Wesolowski

My daughter Candace was killed 10 years ago by drunk drivers on December 26th, 1999. There is not a minute that goes by without a thought of her.

Life has moved on since her death. Her sister Christine and her brother Mike both have graduated with a Masters Degree from DePaul University. We are now the owner of a great big Lab name Jake that I know she would have loved. Candace was the oldest of 15 grandchildren. There have been 7 more cousins born since she was taken from us. They will never know her. Her young cousins are now in high school. Her cousin Jackie is a doctor and her cousin Xavier is getting married. Her grandmothers' Juanita Fuentes and Dolores Wesolowski are getting old. And her two grandpas' have both passed away. Life goes on without her.

I love my job as a victims advocate with AAIM I do this job for Candace. I do this job for my other children, Christine and Mike and hope my dedication to this cause will somehow affect their young lives for the better instead of sadness. I do this for the many families I have met who also have lost a loved one due to someone else's drinking and driving. I hope that these families derive comfort from my presence and I ease their pain in some small way.

AAIM has given me the opportunity to bring awareness to the crime of drinking and driving and its effect on society. Let's hope for a safer community to work and live.

Lorraine Wesolowski
AAIM Victim's Advocate

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