Jessica Mejia

December 31, 2009 was the worst day of my life. My precious, beautiful daughter, Jessica, was killed in a car crash; NOT an accident - a CRASH! My life will never be the same without Jessica. How I love to hear her name and how I miss her presence. There is no accident with a .236 alcohol level. It is irresponsible and selfish and, as far as I'm concerned, its murder with a vehicle as a weapon.

They say losing your child is the worst loss you can experience (a mother especially). Yes this is true. My heart is forever broken and the pain of NEVER seeing Jessica or hearing her beautiful voice saying, "I love you so much mom," is the most awful , empty and saddest pain you can imagine.

December 31, 2009, at 8:40am, I had just gotten off the phone with my son Luis III, Jessica's older brother, who is in the United States Navy, stationed in Guam. Luis III just married Dec 19 and was coming home for a month in March. We spoke of the family Christmas and how he couldn't wait for the family to meet his new wife. Oh how blessed and happy I felt until the two officers at my door changed my life forever. I can still hear the door bell and them asking if Jessica lived here and if they could come in. The officer was opening his black binder to tell me the horrific news that I am haunted by still today by the words he said "Jessica was killed ". Imagine someone telling you the worst and scariest news you'd never want to hear. I, literally, could not breathe. I couldn't scream. I couldn't ask, "Are you sure?", because the word "KILLED" was all I could hear over and over in my head. As her mother, I felt so helpless, so scared, so desperate, wishing to take her place. I screamed for my younger daughter, Gabriella, Jess' younger sister. She ran down crying so despairingly. The officer continued to tell us that Nick Sord, her ex-boyfriend, was driving, only broke his wrist and was being held at the police station. I was so confused to why she was with him and angry because they were broken up. But all I could think about was holding and kissing her delicate forehead and running my fingers through her beautiful long brown hair. That Sunday, Nick was being released on bail and I was at the funeral home, curling Jessica's hair and applying makeup on her beautiful face for the last time. Jessica wouldn't want anyone but me to do this.

Jessica was born March 17, 1989, St. Patrick's Day. Her favorite color was purple. She loved to dance hip hop, hoping one day to be in a music video. She went to the University Illinois at Chicago to study psychology. Jessica could run for miles and her favorite food was sushi. Every year we went to a Japanese restaurant for her birthday and it became a tradition. She was 10 weeks short of her 21st birthday. We planned to celebrate downtown in fancy dresses.

What I will miss most is Jessica's beautiful smile. I'm forced to deal with the unbearable absence of her, all because Nick Sord, at a .236 BAC, decided to be irresponsible. Yet, I am told, that Nick is, allegedly, out bar hopping and still driving against his conditions of bail. May God be with you for the truth lies with him. I pray for justice for Jessica.

Christina Mejia, mother of Jessica

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