Tiffany Irwin

May 27, 1979 - May 24, 1997

May 24, 1997 was the night that my life came to a screeching halt. Suddenly, without any warning, I lost my oldest daughter, Tiffany. She was 17 years old. A teenager without a care in the world. She was a beautiful girl with a smile that could light the room. Tiffany had many friends. Everyone at school knew her. She had the gift of gab. Tiffany shared everything with me. Every night she would fill me in with the details of her day. We had a lot of laughs and then Tiffany would kiss me goodnight and tell me she loved me.

It was the last day of high school and the kids were all excited about graduation and senior prom the following weekend. They went to a party. Everyone was drinking and when it was time to come home, Tiffany got into a VW Bug with a young man who was drunk. She and four other friends piled into the car. The driver went through a red light and was hit by a Jeep Cherokee. My Tiffany was killed on a street corner about a mile from home. She didn't fall asleep and gently slip away. Her neck was broken and her skull was crushed.

The driver was sentenced to four years in prison, but he actually served 13 months. He can now put everything behind him and move on with his life. We're not so fortunate, however. Our emptiness remains, our tears are still fresh and our pain just lingers.

My daughter, Sondra is 14 months younger than Tiffany. They are as close as two sisters can be. Sondra has since developed severe ulcerative colitis. Throughout the year there are occasions of severe bleeding and pain. She is now required to have routine bone scans annually and blood drawn every two weeks. She must see her physician many times throughout the year. She will have this condition for the rest of her life.

I continue to think of Tiffany daily. I am still unable to look at a photo album or a video and there are still places that I am unable to visit. I miss her so very much.

I love you Tiff, forever and always!!

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